Friday, March 25, 2011

1st Dental Kelinik

almost 2 weeks sakit gigi plus gusi. semalam g 1st kelinik azila kat sekys 9...not much helpful. I think the clinick is lack of new equipment. dahlah xray g klinik lain...frm the xray she cant see what is the root cause of the pain. Tension punya pasal pg 1st Dental kat bukit jelutong for 2nd advice.Tempat ambient and spacious. Equipment seem latest! Buat root canal. this is my 2nd experiance. my previous experiance with dr ng..subang parade is the worst. this time only earlier part is slightly pain..when the process is going on i feel much relieve. max 1 hr treatment. need to come for another 2 follow up treatment.


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